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Dads, Sinuses & Nap Time

It's been an enjoyable Father's Day. I got my daddy gifts last night - shirts and a cap from my lovely kids and loving bride. Then we started early this morning, getting up for church and spending time in Kidscoast for "Donuts for Dads" - the kids beat the fathers in the trivia drills, but that's because there were lots more kids and us Dads were more interested in the donuts, probably (and since I missed the morning sermon on the 1o Commandments, that post will have to wait 'til it's posted to the 'net later this week).

The kids were wrapping up a series on the fruit of the spirit: SELF-CONTROL. I thought the video was really good, dwelling on the importance of doing the right thing as opposed to following our selfish whims. My first time in the kids' service, and I can tell why they like it - fast-paced, kid-friendly, and heavily interactive.

We went to the folks' house for lunch - guinea pigs with porkchops and sausages. By this time, my sinuses were not having fun, and I was this close to a siesta. I'm sure I wasn't much fun to be around, and since I'm usually the smart mouth of the bunch - yeah, I know, you'd never think I'd be like that - everyone kept asking, "are you alright? is everything ok?" Honestly, being tired, feeling the puffy eyes, and having a scratchy throat due to the dryness and time of the year - I think that's all it was.

Proof of that is probably the three-hour nap I enjoyed once we got home. You know how it is when your body is hot, your face isn't feeling good, your eyes are barely open, and you find that right place on the pillow, flipping it over to find the cool spot. I slept through Reteif Goosen's terrible final round and Michael Campbell's phenomenal round to take the US Open - woke up in time to see the final putts on the eighteenth. I'd say I had a more enjoyable, if less scenic, afternoon.

Happy Father's Day.


Blogger Renee said...

Bless your heart. Sinus problems are the PITS! Glad you had a nice Father's Day with your family though!:-)

20/6/05 7:57 AM  

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