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Coffee Travel

The problem with summer is that there are fewer opportunities in the too hot too humid day to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I'm hoping the heat index won't keep me from stopping at Starbucks on my way through ATL later this afternoon. And I hope that there's a coffeeshop somewhere near our hotel in Orlando. I'll be down there leading training the first half of the week, and I'm pretty sure I'll need something more than the thermal pot from the lobby.

I'm packing my laptop bag as a carry-on, taking a few books for the week. My mp3 player won't load; there's a problem with the usb port and the latest software patches. The flight to ATL and then the next to MCO (Orlando Int'l) aren't long enough for much more than a chapter or so, the way I read - and definitely no time for a decent inflight nap. But I'll have plenty to keep me busy there with work and with small group planning for church. I'm actually feeling the pressure on a few fronts to get stuff done and get it right. Definitely need more than the thermal pot in the lobby.

This morning: shower, church, lunch, catch a flight. I'm already looking forward to getting back home Wednesday. It'll be a good trip, and I'm looking forward to getting alot accomplished. But it'll be nice to get home, too.


Blogger Vicki said...

I am ready for you to come home too. I spent the afternoon hearing things like this..

C: "That's the chair that Daddy usually sits in... I miss daddy."

T: "It's only 3 days, Cam."

C: "That's the side of the bed that Daddy usually sleeps on... I miss daddy."

T:"It's only 3 days, Cam."

C:"That's the TV show that Daddy usually watches... I miss daddy."

T:"It's only 3 days, Cam."

and so on...
Come home soon. we all miss you!!

21/8/05 5:16 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

heh heh heh - coming home soon, darlings :)

21/8/05 10:28 PM  

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