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Grateful Elvis

As I finish reading Rob Bell's Velvet Jesus this weekend, I'm grateful that someone has taken the time to be real with the Bible, with his calling, with his ministry. I know people who'd be turned off by the title, and people who'd look past that and still not "get it". But I also know people for whom this book would open some doors of understanding and grace, and that's a cool thing as it's working out that way in me. I'll have a review coming later on this week.

I'm looking forward to a solid week. School's in full swing and I think there's the semblance of a routine in our house for mornings and evenings now that summer is gone. I've got some things to do at work before a business trip to Orlando next week, so that'll keep me busy and more or less out of trouble. And we're gearing up at church for the 40 Days of Community that's coming in the fall. Plate's full, thanks - not only mine, but my wife's, too, and I'll find something to keep the kids occupied if I need to.

And please - in the name of peanut butter and Starbucks and all that's good in the world - do not let me forget my wife's birthday next weekend. I don't usually have a problem with things like this, which means that there's a first time for everything and I need to stay ahead of the game. It'll be nice to have a birthday party and maybe a date night in there, since I'm flying out for Orlando next Sunday afternoon. For now, I just need her to know that she's still the same sweet but-now-much-more-beautiful college coed I fell in love with seventeen years ago. If you see her, tell her that for me.

Heading to bed - finish my diet coke, finish my book, watch the evening news for whatever catastophe should scare the bejeebers out of us this week, and going to sleep before Monday comes in the morning. My wife, reading over the scriptbook for this semester's school play, needs her rest, too. It's going to be a long, velvet-ized kind of week, I'm thinking, and I've got to explain to her what that means.


Blogger Jen said...

hey Rick - just wanted to thank you for posting on my blog, it was a bit of encouragement in my midst of confusion! funny thing is, i recently checked out your blog, i think last week, because i was doing searches on Rob Bell and his book. small world!

15/8/05 2:34 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks - encouraging each other, more and more that's what it's about, huh? thanks for coming back here, too.

15/8/05 3:32 PM  

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