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Reality Together

In reality, we just don't understand God.

Either we think He's a holy law-giver, handing out regulations and smiting those who mess up. Or, we see Him as the loving grandfather, looking down on us with a smile and an "it's ok, you're not perfect" wave of His hand. Either we can't live up to it so we trust He'll love us anyway when we don't try; or we do live up to it and stand humble in our pride over the shortcomings of others. Both ideas are right, and both ideas are wrong. And that's why we need each other.

We can't do this alone. There are no Lone Ranger Christians because we were made to love God and to love each other. We thrive when we have people around us, like-mindedly following hard after Christ. We live out the kingdom here on planet Earth when we share and pray and eat and play together. Times of solitude are important and precious, but they're not meant to be the norm. And where we might occasionally be alone, we are not to see ourselves as lonely if we love Jesus and His people.

Why post something like this? Because I'm tired of having to be right, of having to defend my positions and opinions. The Bible says to be able to give a defense for my faith, and to answer questions that might come from others watching participating in my life. I'm cool with that, and when we're living together and growing together it's natural to question and to answer in the conversations that arise. Know why I believe what I believe - I've got that, or at least like to wrestle with it and gain better faith in it.

More than being tired of the arguments, I'm saddened by others who see Jesus as a judge first, or who see rules and regulations above grace and mercy. There's such freedom in Christ - better than living any way I want, and better than feeling guilty every time I screw up. I guess I'm just at a place right now where I'm burdened for others, wanting them to see what I see and feel what I feel, and at the same time, knowing that I have no idea what I'm talking about because His ways are still so much higher than mine.

In reality, we just don't understand God. Together though, I'd like to think we come close.


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Really nice post :)

28/8/05 11:53 PM  
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