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Worship Together

I'm about to take my shower, get dressed, fix my coffee, drive to the theater, and sit in the lobby with a few people to talk about Christ, before going into the theater for the second service at 10:30am. After that, "Newcomers" will meet, giving information on the church to those interested in finding out more. I'm finding that we belong to a really wonderful church community that's based more on "acceptance" than on "agreement". So in all of that, I'm going to worship God in a room full of people with different personalities and opinions, and that's a good thing. I have much to learn from people who see life in Christ a bit differently, that's all. I don't have all the answers, and as I've postulated here often, I'd rather have better questions any day. Truth is where you find it, not necessarily what you make it - and learning with and growing with and getting to know people who have a different view stretches our faith much than it might inhibit it.


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