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Book Fair

I remember book fairs from when I was in elementary school. We would have display tables setup in the cafeteria (the library at that time was too small for much extra traffic). I would be tempted, and would fall to the temptation, to spend my lunch money on books instead of lunch. But I didn't mind. I loved reading, getting into good stories, characters, plots, danger and intrigue and historical fiction. Sometimes the book fairs had brand new glossy books, and other times the district was trying to get rid of older books to make room on their shelves. Those were the worst times, because the older books were sold yard-sale-style, 4/$1, and my lunch money might get me ten books to bag and carry home.

There's a book fair at the kids' school this week, and we're passing along that love of reading. Five dollars from us, to add to whatever they want to spend of their own money. Steering both of them towards stories rather tham jokebooks, to novellas before comics. Both kids love to read, and one goal is to get reading time right up there with brand new Spongebob episodes and the next level of whatever video game is hot right now.

I'm trying to not go to the book fair, though. I don't trust myself. The temptation is too great... then again, lunch is overrated.


Blogger Michelle said...

My son and I both love reading - and those darned school book fairs regularly empty our pockets! He's still into comimcs and magazines about all sorts of weird toys (Duelmasters, Pokemon, YuGiOh and such...), but does read books too. I have a huge collection of RDigest Condensed books and he's slowly getting into them.

Needless to say, between the two of us our house looks like the start of a library...

19/9/05 9:45 AM  
Blogger bob hyatt said...

sorry for the off-topic comment, but wow- it looks like you singlehandedly changed policy over at slice with one little comment about Rick Warren.


Now the Slice Echo Chamber is complete...

19/9/05 10:34 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

just using my "gifts" :)

19/9/05 11:52 AM  
Anonymous J. said...

I just looked over at Slice. I think Rick is seen as a threat over there because he tries to make people think.

I do not mean that to sound as unkind as it probably does. I am not trying to call Ingrid or anyone else unintelligent, I just don't think they welcome new ideas that provoke thought and may question old ways.

I guess thinking opens the doorway to rebellion. ;)


19/9/05 2:47 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

hey - nothing against ingrid. i've agreed in spots, showed some like-mindedness. but there's apparently a paranoia.

one side thinks the other side just doesn't understand. the other side thinks they're heretics. not much room for discussion at that table, and that's what makes me sad.

19/9/05 2:52 PM  

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