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Book Blitz Break

Three book reviews in three days - whew. I don't want to shortchange books/authors by rushing through the rest of the week just to fill in my "week". So I'll post another book review this weekend, try to post two more before the end of the month, and be more or less caught up on my stack o' books heading into November. One thing that stands out to me is the people I "meet" doing this. Even though I posted a less than stellar review of one of these books, the publicist appreciated my honesty and still wanted to help me help her, so she passed me a list of upcoming titles to see what might interest me. That was a really encouraging exchange, so be on the look out for a new one on the life of CS Lewis and a leadership book focused on how ideas can be passed quickly and exponentially in the right conditions (thanks, Sarah!).

One of the verses I've got pinned on my corkboard is Psalm 50:14-15 - "What I want is your true thanks to God; I want you to fulfill your vows to the Most High. Trust Me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give Me glory." This morning, with a full plate of to-do's, it resonates with me as a promise. Give Him thanks, live out my vows, trust Him in all of this - and He will rescue, and I will bring Him glory. Ultimately, His "rescue" of me is for His own glory, and the stuff of life is to ultimately lead to a life that honors Him. I want to live that out today, every day. What would that look like for me today?

Honestly, I'd rather do that today than push my way through "my vow" of a book review every day this week. Where can my life bring Him glory? That's enough to chew on for now...


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