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Lonely @ the Front

I only know a few people who have XM Radio receivers. My dad has a Roady2 in his pick-up, and my brother has one in his Suburban. My boss has one in his family's Pathfinder, and there's mine in the CRV. I've heard secondhand about other people knowing other people, but I really don't know how popular it is or isn't here in SC. We're trend-setters - well, no, not really. But at least we can talk amongst ourselves about something we all have, something we understand a little, something we enjoy. It's difficult to talk to someone who doesn't have satellite radio about satellite radio - if you don't have one, you don't know the differences that made us want one and cause our enjoyment over AM/FM today.

There will be others later, as time goes on - but for now, I've got basically four people who know what I'm talking about when I start talking about how cool it was for my daughter to call Kenny at the Animal Farm on XMKids, request a song, get her name on the air, talking with the real announcer, talking about her birthday and would he play her song. No one else heard it - no one will come to her and say, "I heard you on the radio this morning!" because she wasn't on one of the local pop/country/mix/CCM channels.

Because she's a trendsetter, along with my son and I, along with those few friends who've bought into the whole satellite radio thing. And I've got to be proactive, teach her that being the first one isn't so bad. But it is a bit lonely at the front of the line.


Blogger Russell said...

I guess I should break out a little. I've been stuck on three or four XM channels since I bought it. XMKids sounds fun, and I missed all the excitement!!

7/10/05 8:37 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

"it is for freedom that you've been set free" :) - flip thru the dial, live a little! lol - actually, i've got a row of music presets and a row of talk presets, and that pretty much does it for me. i think there's a place online for you to answer some questions, get some feedback on what other channels you might like.

7/10/05 8:41 AM  

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