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This place was packed at lunchtime. I got here a little after the rush, luckily, and found a parking spot from someone just leaving to head back to work. But they were parked all along the side road, anywhere they could to get in, grab some lunch, maybe enjoy a good book before spending the rest of the afternoon behind a desk or dealing with patients. The light classical music from the ceiling is very soothing, adding a soundtrack to my day. It's not as busy now, not as crowded, not as difficult to find a place to park.

I'm across from a hospital, and a bank, and a podiatrist's office. There was a group of seniors in here earlier, enjoying an early afternoon out with friends from the looks and sounds of it. Right now, there's a group of nursing students with matching scrubs in the back, tables pushed together for a study session, debriefing from their day across the street. There's a conversation behind me - sounds like a job interview, with the interviewer having just moved to the area, and the interviewee explaining the intricacies of tailgate traffic for the weekend's football games. A family of three just left, latte's and pastries in hand, climbing back into the Mercedes parked beside the Chevy pick-up.

Just got a fresh iced chai and a couple of croissants. Not sure if I spelled that right, not sure if I care. Just enjoying my soundtrack and the ambience of a place that welcomes customers, busy or not. Also, sitting here and coveting the top-down Miata that just pulled away from the other side of that pick-up.


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