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Billy & Tom

There's a thoughtful article by Charlie Wear on the Next-Wave website, citing the differences and similarities in Tom Cruise and Billy Graham and their respective impacts on the world that's watching. Cruise spent part of the week in NYC promoting his upcoming film, and Dr. Graham is holding his last American crusade in Flushing Meadows. I watched the other night as Billy talked with Larry King, how he quietly, gently and strongly held the attention of his interviewer throughout the experience. And I saw the first half of the interview Cruise had with Matt Lauer this past week - missing the part that made the news, when he roundly criticized Matt as "glib" and trashing psychiatry and medication from his own research.

I don't know if you can simply juxtapose the two, but they have crossed paths culturally at this point in time. Both have an impact, both are standing firm on belief and faith - and yet one just seems to have it together more, seems to know what matters more than the other.


Blogger iggy said...

I imagine Tom surounded by yes men. Yes, Mr. Cruz.... what ever you say....

I imagine B. Graham with His God...
Yes, Lord.....



26/6/05 2:16 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

good way to put it, sir. i like that.

26/6/05 8:16 AM  
Blogger MaryAnn M said...

the arrogance of the celebrity culture is sickening.

although...there is one that is seeming to follow her heart and passion and is starting to feel the pull...Angelina Jolie is finding it harder and harder to live in the opulence when her heart is in places like Cambodia...she still needs the Savior to rule her life...but at least she is using her celebrity status to make a good point and her devoting her life to make the difference.

26/6/05 12:22 PM  
Blogger Margaret Feinberg said...

Those crosses are strange.... I agree... like when Princess Di and Mother Teresa died on the same day... but only one made prime spots on all the newspaper covers all over the world.

26/6/05 10:44 PM  

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