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Vicki was asking questions tonight about those first years when we started dating, started making plans, got married and started figuring out life together. She wanted to know what the name of the cabin was that we stayed in for our honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN. Those were pre-internet days, and we'd found our information the old-fashioned way: writing to the chamber of commerce and asking for brochures. From my recollection, the cabin was beautiful, set off the main drive by a gravel driveway, with a view of the mountain that we didn't see for four days because of thick low-lying fog. One master suite downstairs, and two bedrooms and a hottub upstairs, with the baywindow overlooking that same fog-shrouded view. It was very nice, and we will go back some day.

She found a box in the attic that included lots of letters, lots of audio tapes recorded while she was in Japan in the fall of '89 on a missions trip, lots of clippings and photos and an unfinished scrapbook of "us". It was cool - I have no idea where "Cornbeef and his faithful sidekick Muttonhead" started, but thinking about how we started and how we're continuing on now makes me feel good. The kids weren't very interested, not past a couple of pictures and a clipping of Calvin & Hobbes - Cammi liked the veil in the box, and they saw out wedding invitations.

Just reminiscing, if you don't mind.


Blogger Scrawler said...

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20/6/05 7:09 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

I lov reminiscing at our old love letters and pictures etc... Gives me butterflies in my tummy.:-)

20/6/05 7:55 AM  

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