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Fantastic Movie Night

Ok, I just couldn't help myself with the post title. It's not , but was a very good film. Very much like , for me it was driven by the relationship issues. I only really got into DC Comics growing up, and the only titles I paid attention to were Spider-Man and FF, so I've got some history working with the characters. I appreciated how they discovered themselves somewhat through the tragedy-to-destiny change that altered them to their superhero status. Interacting as friends and family, even as they tried to work together as a team, was the result of a decent story and what I thought was really good dialogue. What was said fit the moment and the character speaking, especially Johnny Storm's quick and sarcastic wit (why did I get into that so much more?).

BATMAN BEGINS is good enough to deserve an Oscar nomination in my opinion, and FF doesn't fit that same mold. But it works as a heroic story on its own, and I'm looking forward to the extras that are bound to fill the DVD.


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