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War & Peace

  • A problem with the is that the opposing sides have different agendas. USAmerica and "the free world" wants to ulitmately "save" the terrorists, bringing perpetrators to justice and evangelizing the people groups towards capitalism and democracy, showing them the error of their ways and that there's a better solution to living life, to finding success. We want to propogate the , hopefully opening new markets and creating more wealth to spread around (or to hoarde, take your pick).

    The terrorists, on the other hand, want everyone else dead.

    It's not a debate; it's not a ideological discussion. It's one side arguing for peace, and the other side shooting. We have our weapons, too, and "fighting for peace" is an oxymoron of the highest degree. But it's the reasoning behind it all that backfires on us, that determines our tactics and our resolve. We want them to like us and to be like us; they want us dead.


    Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

    Here is a little challenge for us all, you can post it either on your sight and I'll attatch it to mine.

    7/7/05 9:32 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    a little off-topic :) - but i'm game. might take me a week to think of 100 LPs, and i'll be skewed heavy CCM from my "christian music only" days.

    7/7/05 12:45 PM  

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