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Yard Sale Follies

Here's some photos of this morning's yard sale:

Last night, most of this stuff was in our living room. Hopefully we'll take the initiative to clean up the attic after all this, but none of it is going back up there. Trust me.

We started putting stuff out before sun-up,filling up the driveway. Who knew it would get so damp after a night of rain and 100% humidity?

Vicki told me to go inside or at least keep my mouth shut. I'd be giving this stuff away just to get it out of the house, and she's actually hoping to make some $$$.

The "sale" was listed as starting at 7am - meaning that people started pulling up in the dark at 6:30am. I tried to tell everyone that prices were doubling at 7am, that the early bird special was over. No luck.

See anything you like? Make us an offer, and come pick it up, and its yours. Unless someone carts it off to the flea market before you get here.

Lemonade, 25c - and a smile if you're lucky!

UPDATE, POST-FRIVOLITY: Well, we didn't make as much $$ as we wanted, but it's all gone. We took three truckloads to a local charity and got receipts for the write-off. On the way there, we passed a store that'll sell your stuff - and one lady who bought quite a bit was there re-selling. More power to her.


Blogger Renee said...

Ok i want the little vanity table thinking sitting next to the baby walker!

T looks awfully excited to be selling lemonade!lol

I fear my yard sale as just like you Kev will prob sell everything for a dime a piece just t get it outta here!lol

2/7/05 10:13 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

sorry - vanity and baby walker are both GONE. i sold 'em for a quarter apiece. head 'em up and move 'em out!

2/7/05 11:06 AM  

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