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30 Days

The football team is reporting for fall practice today, thirty days before the opening kickoff on ESPN's 09/01 Thursday Night telecast. New head coach has a tough job - turn "mediocre" into "something special". That opening game against Central Florida will be a test that I hope this team can pass - because the second game is at Athens to play UGA, a team we all know Spurrier would love to beat.

Thirty days. Just less than a full month to tailgating and screaming our fool heads off with 80,000+ of our closest friends. Woo hoo.


Blogger Bert said...

You know that song in the Buick Lacrosse commercial. Yeah, it's coming to you now. It's the recurring them of the USC Gamecocks.

I really hope the best for them except the last game in November. The more I get to know about Spurrier, the more I respect him. Never thought I would say that and I am an ACC guy!

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

2/8/05 3:33 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Rick, have you ever heard the song "Taylor the Latte Boy" by Kristen Chenowith? I think it's right up your alley! :)

3/8/05 5:55 AM  

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