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I'm sitting in Theater #2 as Pastor Jeff has started sharing the vision and methods of Seacoast here in Irmo. There are about sixteen people here as newcomers, another handful of folks who've setup the gathering, who've handed out the lunches and Diet Pepsis. This is the time, first Sunday of each month, when the opportunity is taken to share what this particular local body is all about.

This morning's sermon - on "No Stealing" from Shawn, who did a great job, btw - was good, and the worship time and the greeting time was good. That's it - not blow you away wonderful, or mountain-top spectacular, just good and real and full of impact. I think it's because of connection, being connected with the people around you, seeking after a common lifestyle of following God and serving Him above all. It's not about being right or using the right doctrine or not making a mistake in word choice, but instead about following hard after the heart of God together, and allowing Jesus to grow within us in the world we inhabit together.

Anyway, connection rocks - getting to know people and see them and know they're seeing you and that together we're more about acceptance than about agreement. It means that I can make my mistakes and be wrong from time to time and not worry about everyone ditching the blogging guy. It's nice, it's good and real, to be accepted like that.

Ok - promise to get off these various soapboxes later on today. Lots of preaching & not enough just good stories makes me itchy and fidgety, you know? But at least I'm still connected.


Anonymous PrayzHim said...

I've been reading your blog for less than a month. I hardly feel qualified to comment, but here goes-
It's nice to read a blog so positively real. Real folks. Real life. Real humility. Real love for Christ. Thanks for that.
Your comments on community go straight to my heart, and your story about "being right" is so true. Why is that so important to us, that?
Thanks again for your positve and real imput into my life.
Three things to survive - Christ, Community and CAFFEINE!
Somewhere in Iowa

8/8/05 10:37 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks for the encouragement - and have a latte' on me while you're at it!

8/8/05 11:34 AM  

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