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Nice trip, long day yesterday, and an okay night's sleep. Now it's Monday and time to get busy. After getting some dinner and finally checking in around 10pm, I answered email and tried to cool off from the day's frivolity. It's warm here now, but it looks like it'll be cooler with afternoon storms, so that'll be nice.

We're starting the 40 Days of Community as a staff at Seacoast-Irmo this morning. And we're going to try it as an online experiment. The daily devotions look okay, and they're shorter than the Purpose daily readings. As for doing it online, I'm hoping it'll open another facet of communication. Looking forward to it.

It's Monday, so I better get crankin'. Hope yours is decent, a good start to your week. I'm going to find that Starbucks that I know is around here somewhere.


Blogger Renee said...

Glad you had a good trip. Have a great Monday! Go find that Starbucks!:-)

22/8/05 11:49 AM  

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