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Tom Nook, Guest Blogger

Since I'm ailing with this nasty phlegmy disease, I've asked my son to take a turn as guestblogger - here's his list for anyone hooked on what's really a pretty fun Nintendo game:
You Know You're Bad at when…

  • Someone's saying is "target".
  • When you ask K.K. for a song, he smacks you upside the head with his guitar.
  • When Louie the Gorilla comes to your town, he confesses to you that he's related to Donkey Kong.
  • Nook decides to sell stationary for 1 zillion bells.
  • The roaches evict you from your house.
  • Someone says on the town's bulletin board, "You stink."
  • Mr. Resetti pops out, even when you don't reset.
  • The roaches try to attempt world domination.
  • You go to the edge of a cliff, all the villagers in that acre crowd you and chant and dare you to jump off.
  • Nook decides to ONLY sell stationary.
  • You go to your island, Kapp'n leaves you there.
  • Instead of you doing Blanca's face, she does it vice-versa.

    Anonymous Thad said...

    Did he make that list up? Brilliant... Jess & both love the one about the cliff.

    29/8/05 9:49 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    yep - he's a trip with stuff like this :)

    29/8/05 9:50 PM  
    Anonymous jeremy said...

    i've never heard of that game or seen it... but the post sounds hilarious

    let him post more often.

    30/8/05 9:40 AM  

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