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Really Surreal Life

Now back to our irregularly scheduled chaos and mayhem...

  • TheState.com - 'I just wanted to get my family out'

    I didn't sleep well last night, as evidenced by a post-1am post on whether I'm a geek or not (thanks for the diversion, Kelly). This morning I'm more congested than anything else, but it's not painful and I'm pretty sure the week's ordeal with strep has run its course. Coffee's ready, and that should take most of the sting out of the back of my throat.

    There's all kinds of on the tube today, and I'll be flipping channels most of the afternoon I'm sure. I'll also be getting ready for the traiing sessions that start tomorrow, getting the small groups and host homes ready for the upcoming .

  • CNN.com - 'We need this season'; Tulane Green Waves will play

    For a holiday weekend, it seems like everything will be subdued, and with gas prices higher than milk there won't be many extraneous driving trips, not too many extraneous milkshakes either I guess. People are staying home, further rippling the post-hurricane effects through the economy. I don't know - there's a helpless feeling because there's really nothing beyond financial donations we can do. There's a hopeful feeling, because there finally appears to be some aid and relief getting into the city to people who need it. "Good people" have gone through a devastation I'll hopefully never know, and there does appear to be something to hold onto as they come out the other side and start the rebuilding process somewhere along the way.

  • A Small Twist, posting on the daily adventure that is life in Mississippi.

    Christians will respond in disbelief and wonder, both helping and hurting the cause I'm sure. Well, maybe that's not fair, pointing at , who's emotions got the best of him in the midst of all this. As one commentator said last night, it's probably good to point fingers back at the media, see where the discrepancies are from varied perspectives. I guess what I'm feeling is that the help is getting there, as overwhelming as this is turning out and as slow and painful as it's been so far. We'll pray, we'll watch, we'll hope for the best and we'll jump in where we can.


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