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Bring It On

From the south endzone, pre-game.


Anonymous jeremy said...

oh ...

my ...

gosh ...

spurrier's opening drive when he took over florida in 1990: 5 plays, TD

spurrier's opening drive when he took over USC in 2005: 5 plays, TD

and (as i'm typing) a second just 5 minutes later. Spurrier really is an offensive genius in college ball.

(well, this is all against UCF)

1/9/05 8:11 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

AARRGH! I'm surrounded by football mania!!!

My husband is a football coach (high school freshmen, d-line). My son plays JV (and has been playing all his life). They talk all the time in football analogies (except when in my son's case, it's a surf analogy).

First big scrimmage this Friday. Heavy Sigh. I'm buckling up and ready to go for the ride....

1/9/05 8:14 PM  

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