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Photo Friday - Five


Blogger Kim said...

For some reason, this photo just cracked me up. My son plays football, basketball and lacrosse -- (and golfs in his spare time -- as if that ever happens...). My daughter plays soccer, volleyball and basketball. The dogs chase tennis balls which we buy in quantity to deter them from chewing on the lacrosse balls which are now housed in my car to protect them from said dogs. Over the years the official ball size changes for the age bracket they're in for football, basketball and soccer, and for some reason we never throw these things away -- so in my garage I have at least 20 balls of varying shapes and sizes. At least. We have three big plastic containers meant to house balls -- and it isn't enough. Heavy Sigh. At least none of our collection has sponge bob smiling up at me. We do have one or two that glow in the dark.

7/10/05 11:37 AM  

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