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Meme Saturday

It's a pretty day, a restful day, a post-soccer-game day - so I'm not going to think too hard if that's alright with you. Here are a couple of Saturday Memes to fill in some content - form over substance today.

Question Of The Day
Writing utensil - Do you have a preferred writing utensil? What happens if someone borrows it but doesn't bring it back?
My favorite writing utensil is probably the one I have in my pocket at any given moment. When I reach for it and it's there, no problem. Keeping it means that I've enjoyed using it, that it works and feels right. Most of the time I do have pens in my pocket - but when it's not there, I'm thinking who took it, who kept it, where the heck is my pen? Like right now - I took my pens out of my pocket, laying them down on the counter with my wallet and keys. If I needed one right now, that's where I'd go - even if there's a pen or pencil closer. That's probably a bit compulsive, huh?

Saturday Slant
Which super hero or heroine do you identify with most? Who would you most like to see leap from the comic book pages to the silver screen? Why that character? How do you identify with him or her? And, lastly, how would you like to see that character treated in film?
I like to think that I've got aspects of Batman - with no real powers but doing what he does the best he can - and the Flash - only one power, but it's a really cool superpower. I tend to look at the deep thinkers, those guys with flaws and emotional or philosophical baggage - those are the guys I want to sympathize with and emulate in helping others beyond the shortcomings. I'd like to see the Batman and Spiderman franchises continue to put out good, deep stories. I think there's a screen adaptation of Flash coming - the old TV show wasn't bad, and if this can build on Batman and the upcoming Superman projects to be something worth paying $7 to see, that would be cool. A decent Justice League movie would be really cool, combine a few storylines here and there.


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