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Sushi & Smallville

Last night was a pleasantly relaxing evening. My lovely wife has so much on her plate: school musical with weeknight rehearsals, legal hassles to take care of in the extended family, a major shipping issue with a lightboard - and still she made time to stop at Publix and pick up some fresh sushi from the deli. Very nice. Trace had been home for a second day with swimmer's ear - we think he got it from showertime, enjoying the way the water feels as you hold you head to the spritz and hear/feel the water. He crashed on the couch around 7pm for about ninety minutes. Cam-bug and I had the house and the rest of the night to ourselves - perfect for me getting to watch Smallville, with special guest Aquaman on last night's episode.

Tonight, we want steak for dinner, and then a quiet evening at home. She wants to do some shopping, and I'm going to encourage her to have fun with that. Tomorrow, 9am soccer match and noon tailgating time before the Gamecocks play Vanderbilt at 3:30pm. Saturday evening will be another relax time I hope, and Sunday will be full with a Ministry Fair at church in the morning and fantasy football for the afternoon.

Life is good. And relatively slow right now. Either I can worry about how it's bound to accelerate soon, or I can enjoy it for what it is. Leaning towards the latter, if that's alright.


Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

I think that is alright. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Enjoy. I'm off to DC with Dad and Step-Mom to visit Sis. Oh and next week got a date. Let's see if I remember how to handle social situations. And what was the name of your bro's blog?

21/10/05 11:10 AM  

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