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Slightly Off

It's been a weird Sunday so far, but in a good way. I woke up way early this morning - on the weekend, "way early" only happens when I need to go to the bathroom. I laid back down for about an hour after that, getting up again at 6:30am when the dawg needed to go outside. Our son was already up, downstairs playing his DS. He never gets up early, so that was weird. We made breakfast, I got ready to head to church early, our daughter got up to join brother downstairs, and I guess everything was more or less "normal" at that point.

But at the theater, it just seemed a little subdued. Maybe that's a reflection of everyone missing Papa Frank; maybe it's just the result of everyone feeling the pressure and release of a long week. There were problems with the video this morning - we've been going for over a year and it's never had issues like the problems this morning with the message. But folks weren't swayed. I mean, it was frustrating, but there wasn't a collective walking-out that could've happened and might've even been justified. That says alot about the character and growth of the folks in the seats.

Left the theater, picked up lunch and some AA-batteries at Eckerd's, and now we're just hanging tight until it's time to leave for Cammi's birthday party. Maybe the planet's tilted a little extra one way or the other. No big.

UPDATE: Photos from the skating party; the planet's definitely a bit warped.


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