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I don't remember a year when I've appreciated more the fact that we got an extra hour of sleep last night. Thank you, - I won't be so charitable in the spring when that hour's taken back by the time-continuity beauracracy, but for now, it was very pleasant.

Mac Lake preached this morning on worship as part of the "Living Beyond Myself" series. I've heard sermons and conversations where the stories sound stilted and impersonal, but that's not a problem Mac has. I was right with him as he went through a few different ways to look at worship and how it moves us beyond ourselves. I was especially drawn into Psalm 13, just "trusting the faithfulness of God". Worship takes us to a different level of trust, a different level of patience in the midst of stress and pressure. No matter what's going on, what's pressing in, what's coming against us as people trying to live the life of Christ in our context right now - no matter what, God's still there, and worthy of our praise.

I was tracking this morning, Mac. Thanks for that.


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