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Decaf Life?

Since this comment has since been deleted by the author, I'll keep its source anonymous - but I did want to reply and say that I do understand:
Read your profile and thought I'd comment. You say, that you can't understand why people would drink de-caf coffee? Well, this is my reason: I really enjoy coffee but am unable to drink caffeinated because I have an intolerance to caffeine. If I consume too much of it I become sick, tired and bloated. So I have to avoid it in all drinks.

So, perhaps that is the reason some people avoid caffeinated; For a medical reason and not through choice.
Thanks for posting that. I appreciate that for some folks, caffeine is out - medical reasons, detox reasons, gotta-get-some-sleep reasons. My reasons for grabbing that quote from John Fischer's book is that too many of us lead decaf lives, with no buzz, no kick, no excitement. Life doesn't keep us awake as much as it pushes us along; there's not an inherent joy as we find ourselves running in the rut and the day-to-day. Finding life while in the rut, reaching out for meaning and relationship while moving along - that's where the buzz and the kick comes in, if I can run a metaphor into the ground a bit further.

Thanks for commenting, and I hope the caffeine around here doesn't keep you away.


Blogger Russell said...

I'm stictly leaded! (Well...ever since last night when I had my fisrt cup of coffee in many years. Had to throw in some Nestle's powder to make it work, but I'm trying to jump on board with you coffee freaks!!)

20/6/05 8:32 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

caffeine usually doesn't have much of a stay-awake effect on me. i think the point of the quote is that no one would choose decaf as their preferred coffee unless they had to - don't start with decaf, and if you can't do caffeine, stick with water.

welcome to the freaks!

20/6/05 11:32 AM  
Blogger Kodiak said...

I am a decaf drinker. For years I had been wanting to give up caffine do to personally convicted that caffine is a drug. Most Christians accept that nicotine should not enter the temple of the Lord, I personnally am convicted that caffine aslo fits the catagory. How can I tell my children not to use drugs if I am using one (caffine). Sure it's not illegal or anything but kids are quick to point out "why should we not be allowed to use drugs if...you know the story. This is not an attempt to condemn anyone. I made th decision to stop drinking caffinated pop years ago but I still needed that kick first thing in the morning, but I rarely drank caffinated coffee after 1pm. It was not until I was diagnosis with sleep apnea that I gave up and decide to just drink decaff. Now I don't get that lul in the afternoon. BTW if you ever need a quick start in the morning, try eating an apple.

20/6/05 6:52 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks,kodiak - and i understand your take on caffeine. mostly, this is a metaphor - life with a kick, some extra oomph that brings zest and vitality. that's all.

nothing personal, but having a couple of "negative" reactions probably shows that i did the right thing, somehow.

20/6/05 8:48 PM  

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