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I made coffee this morning before leaving the house - a special gift for my still-snoozing bride, and a wake-me-up for my morning commute. It's overcast here, and dreadfully humid outside - like stepping into a warm bath. Worst part is being sufficiently A/C'ed, and then getting out of the car for your glasses to fog out completely. Ugh. But it's a good morning, feeling decent physically and hoping that the week goes by smooth and quick. Looking forward to getting some books/reviews done, getting work stuff accomplished, and having a good three-day-weekend-including-yard-sale at the end of it all. Just keeping it smooth...


Blogger Renee said...

I know Kev is looking forward to his 3 day weekend too. I think we are going to re-do the 1/2 bathroom this weekend. It shouldn't take long since it's small. We need to have a yard sale as well. We have so much stuff to get rid of. How do we all get SO MUCH STUFF?!lol BTW- What coffee do you use during the week? Give me a coffee review!lol

27/6/05 10:45 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

" I think we are going to re-do the 1/2 bathroom this weekend. It shouldn't take long since it's small." - good luck with that. having done a bathroom this past spring, let me advise giving yourself double the time you think it'll take. just a precautionary word ;)

and i'll have to blog about coffee, brand, how-to - good idea.

27/6/05 10:51 AM  

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