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Vacation Past

Looking for a photo to liven the place up - this is from two summers ago @ Paramount Carowinds. The plan for this summer is to head to Stone Mountain, GA - the kids enjoyed it last year, and we can take in a few more of the historical and natural sights this time around. In the next few years, I'd like to plan something for us to Washington, DC, as the kids get old enough to enjoy the museums and history, as well as the theme parks and fun stuff, of the Capitol. I'd love to head back out to San Francisco for a vacation sometime, too - might have to leave the younglings behind for that one, let me and the missus enjoy the bay area.


Blogger Margaret Feinberg said...

I LOVE Stone Mountain... went there a few years ago. Okay, this is totally a passion of mine, but if you get a chance, Please, Please, Please get your kids on skis as often as you possibly can. Lots of ski areas (like Steamboat) offer kids ski free programs (often for five day tickets for an adult and sometimes even with ski rentals, too). Anyway, the younger you start them the less fear and the more funt hey'll have.

26/6/05 10:42 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

my wife loves/loved to ski - and i'm sure we'll get into that as the years come along, if only to give her new opportunities for it. i'm not much for skiing - hate sweating and being cold at the same time. but i bet our little girl would love it, maybe boy-child, too.

27/6/05 7:46 AM  

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