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Deep Question #3

Getting kinda deep around here. Please watch your step, and be sure to wipe your feet. I'm up way too late, so all bets are off on whether or not this makes sense.

Are we saved by works - meaning, can we do the right things and say the right things and be "good enough" to live in heaven with God? Or maybe, is that even the right question to be asking? And if you'll allow me a follow-up question: if we're not saved by works, are we then condemned by them?

Keep in mind that for me, "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable response.


Blogger DaNutz said...

It depends on what you want and need to get saved from. Physical Death? Spiritual death? Sinful Habits like greed or lust? the boogey man?

There are many things to be saved from and many things that might do the trick. I think the reason we have so much discourse in theological debate on this subject is because there is more than one question which means there is more than one correct answer. Jesus never boiled down saved vs. not-saved the way we have done in the western mindset.

20/7/05 3:40 PM  

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