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Easy Like Sunday Morning

My wife asked me to get up to let the dog out this morning. That and a bathroom break were the only things that would get me out and keep me out of bed. Slept really well, dreamt a little - did I really dream that I was the fifth member of the Fantastic Four? - but now I'm awake and ready for my morning coffee.

Watching coverage of , praying that lives will be spared and that homes will be protected. Storms like this bring such destruction, and there's no one to blame, no "war on hurricanes" to fight. I flew around Hurricance Frances last year, coming back from Puerto Rico after that storm missed the island. I saw so many blue-tarp-covered homes while flying over Orlando and the east coast of Florida. The pictures on TV aren't so bad when watched from the comfort of my living room. Seeing it is worse, and I don't have anything to compare it to since I've never actually lived through anything like that in "real life".

At church this morning, the current series is going to hit on the fourth commandment, "Keep the Sabbath". I'm looking forward to the sermon, because this is one of the ten that's very easy to get legalistic about, or to completely lose sight of God's intentions. Keeping the day "holy", making sure there's real rest, and still honoring God is tough to nail down most of the time. We're inclined to think "you can't do this or that because it's Sunday", rather than the more positive "here's how you can honor God" type of outlook.

Coffee's ready, time for a shower, paying attention to what's going on today, what the Spirit is saying to those with ears to hear.


Blogger MaryAnn M said...

my friend's house is apparently right in the path of this storm.
they have a condo for guests on the beach...and a house.

Ivan left its fair share of damage that she said the neighbors havent finished repairing or recovering from.

when the last guy evacuated from there last year(Ivan) the water was up to his chest...somepeople never found their furniture.

I am praying...you bet I am praying.

much going on spiritually in me today...need to go hear the Father.

10/7/05 9:59 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

hi, maryann - just listen with a heart ready to do, or not do, as the Spirit moves. it's all we can hope for most times. thanks for stopping by on your way out this morning.

10/7/05 4:46 PM  

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