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Love the Smell

Ah, I love the smell of new books in the mail. I just got a shipment of some new offerings from Multnomah Publishing:Planning on taking these three, along with 1776, along with us to Stone Mountain. Part of getting away is the chance to get quiet and read - and it's nicer when new books come in the mail to be added to the backpack. I'm hoping to find some nice quiet backporch non-humid (yeah, right!) time to relax with sweet tea or a coffee.

I'll catch up on my reading, and maybe instill a deeper sense of that in our kids, too. I used to read alot more than I do now - never a very fast reader, but I'd have time during the summer to read a few long novels, and keep a book with me all through the school year, too. Even now, I've always got at least one book in my saddlebag for any moment that might be clear enough to read a few pages, a chapter. The challenge of a good story, or good godly thoughts to stretch my life, or laughing at someone else's troubles and being thankful they're not mine - that's fun. And that smell - heh heh heh, not much of a smell on new books actually. But it would smell like a coffeehouse if I had my way.


Anonymous mo said...

God's Blogs
Jesus in the Margins

Dude, you are speaking my language!

enjoy the trip.

15/7/05 10:28 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

A reading vacation: nice idea! Enjoy.

15/7/05 5:30 PM  

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