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'Cast This

Yet another technological bandwagon to jump on. As soon as I can figure out how to do this podcast thing and do it well - like in my non-existent "free time" from our non-existent in-house studio - I'm totally going to make a radio-type broadcast to podcast to the unsuspecting public. I still say that being a DJ in the late 80s was the best job I ever had, and now the internet has caught up to that dream job.

Right now, I'm downloading podcasts through iTunes, all kinds of nifty labels. I'll try to update this post I've listed sites with the feeds later on for all you tech podcast gurus surfing through here. I already told my wife that this is probably a reason why I DO NOT need to get an iPod or an iPod Shuffle for my birthday. Here's some of my highlights today:What kinds of things would you want to listen to in a Caffeinated Adventures podcast?


Anonymous sarge said...

what ever your strengthes are..

30/6/05 9:45 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks, sarge - well, that's an awfully short list, and i don't know of many people who'd want to hear me talk about coffee and quote from the FLETCH movies. hmmmm.

1/7/05 12:39 PM  

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