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Humidity & Leadership

Wow, it's warm outside - and it's supposed to be getting warmer and muggier as the day goes on. The next few weeks are why people move away from South Carolina. the winters are mild and the rest of the year is just fine. But for these summer months it would be death out there without A/C and ice tea.

I was reading 2 Kings 5 last night before heading upstairs for bed. I've got a note in the margins: "key to great leadership - travel with someone who challenges you". In this story, Naaman has a young servant girl who challenges him to see Elisha about his skin condition. Then when Elisha gives direction, Naaman is challenged again by his men to follow through. And for Elisha, the challenge of having Gehazi as a servant kept the prophet on his toes, I'm sure. The role-model leaders I've known will stop and listen to the challenge and critique of those following alongside. And to an extent they will also deal with the extra-grace-and-discipline-needing-problem-people who make life more interesting.

It's already 78F with a heat index of 83F. Anyone bringing me some ice tea?


Blogger Renee said...

Do you know the only place you can get sweet ice tea around here is at Cracker Barrell and at my house. RIDICULOUS!

30/6/05 9:44 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

time for you guys to MOVE.

30/6/05 10:21 AM  

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