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Bigger Than The Boogeyman

Some of the blockage in my blogging/writing psyche has no doubt been my own thoughts and processing of God, life, the universe and everything. One of the central issues around whether we're growing as Christians or not, whether we're following Jesus or not, might be "how big is your God?" - do you think you've got it all figured out, or is there room for "even more" when it comes to God's character, love, mercy, justice?

One of the first Veggie Tales videos dealt with Junior's fear at bedtime, specifically of the monsters that might be under his bed or in his closet after watching a scary movie. The catchy little tune is "God is Bigger Than the Boogeyman" - "He's bigger than Godzilla or the Monster on TV... and He's watching out for you and me". Why is Junior scared? Because he's been filling his mind with scary thoughts, attacks from monsters with a suspenseful soundtrack. Along those lines, how many Christians are being filled with the language of "culture war" and "attack on the Truth"? How often are the differences between liberals and conservatives, both religiously and politically, cast in a violent vocabulary and metaphor? So my question becomes something like: "is God big enough to not only handle those questions and fears, but to also rise above the war and conflict rhetoric to reveal Himself in meaningful ways?" - something like that maybe.

God's bigger than our difference, the offenses we choose to hold onto, the bitterness we choose to feed. God's bigger than my lack of understanding, and He's bigger than where I've got it all figured out. God's bigger than my conclusions, and He's bigger than my uneasiness, my monsters, my fears and doubts. He's bigger than my relationships, more than big enough to handle where we don't see eye-to-eye. We can disagree and know that He is still bigger even still. You don't have to worry about me getting offended - God's bigger. I don't have to worry about messing up - God's bigger. At the same time, I do need to grow, do need to trust, do need to pursue Him and love Him and follow Him and learn from Him while living my not-so-big life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you, Rick! I've been dealing with some of these exact feelings and I often find myself thinking, especially while reading blogs, God is above these petty differences.

I think some people may be grasping a false security. They think that if they completely avoid the "world" they can avoid temptation. Temptation will still find us no matter, and I cannot believe God wants us to shun so many other people in his name. We can't be Rapunzels, building our towers out of bricks of Bibles.

Some others bring a lot of their own baggage into their relationship with God. They had a lot of prejudices and biases before they found their faith and now they just use the Bible to defend these preconceived views. I'm not sure any of us can get away from this part completely.

Again, thank you for having such an entertaining and thought-provoking blog.


3/8/05 11:50 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

just being able to talk and listen and "come let us reason together" would make such a huge diff - thanks for checking in, j.

4/8/05 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Jeffrey W. Bennett said...

I love, Frankencelery. I have worn the VHS tape down cracking up with my three year old. Thanks for the commentary.
Thank, God that he has given us his promises:
To always love us
To never leave us
To bring everything under his son's lordship

"If God is for us, who can be against us."

4/8/05 11:38 PM  

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