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No Comparison

Me and my little sore throat, versus all the devastation and heartache visible from the cable news channels. fueled some major destruction from the mouth of the Mississippi River and continuing today into the Ohio Valley. I've got body aches - but I've also got air-conditioning, electricity, safe running water, cell phone connectivity, hi-speed internet. I'm taking a second sick day, but my office will be there tomorrow and not be under water or torn apart from storm surge.

I think I'm doing okay. But it begs the question though: why?

There will be those who find themselves homeless who will claim to be blessed because they're still alive. There will be those west of the storm who'll say they're blessed for not being in the devastating forward right quadrant. I heard one resident of the Florida Panhandle say that the storm wouldn't go there because God wouldn't do that to them. But what if He did? What if He didn't? Do we blame God? Do we thank Him?

I've just got a cold, a sore throat. But these are the questions we're all going to be wrestling with to some degree.


Blogger Margaret Feinberg said...

Some things are way too big for little people like me to understand. I grew up in Florida and spent several years of my adulthood in the Cocoa Beach area weathering hurricanes. My parents keep their boat (which is there home) there, and as many as you see, they're always breathtaking. this one, though, is unbelievable.

30/8/05 7:45 PM  

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