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3 ?s, 3 !s

Thanks to everyone for posting questions. I've tried to be as accurate and honest as possible. Maybe.

From Cubicle Reverend:
(1)If you could have one dream job at all, what would it be?
Hmmmmmmmmm... probably working as a DJ, with a little freelance writing on the side. Playing music and dealing with people on a daily basis was a blast - especially getting my voice out on the air, encouraging folks and being creative. That was really cool, working radio in college in the late 80s. Would do it again in a heartbeat - more than minimum wage this time, though, ok?
(2)Is there a secret guilty pleasure you enjoy?
Big Brother 6 - don't tell anyone, but I really hope Howie wins. He's the most innocent, even if he's the most warped. Everyone else plays that game so reflexively, reactionary.
(3)If you could listen to only one CD which one would it be?
Good question. If it's not some mix that I burn myself - probably Sting's Sacred Love.

From Zubegirl:
1. What is the most important thing you want your children to tell you they learned from you when they grow up?
"You taught us what was meaningful - walking with God, sense of humor, helping people, all that."
2. What was the single sweetest, most thoughtful, yet seemingly insignificant thing your wife has done for you?
Hmm - evenings are busy, and we share most of the kid duties. But when she says, "Sit there and I'll bathe the kids & put them to bed" - that's awesome. Doesn't have to happen all the time, and I am cool with doing it most any night. But when she stops to give me that, it's really sweet.
3. What was the most creative meal you ever prepared when the cupboards were looking bare?
Bare cupboard meal? My kids are easy - if we've got bread and cheese we're good to go. I have worked with pasta and cans of alfredo sauce, added some canned chicken. My wife's the incredible one, making something really beyond decent, when at the same time all I see is cereal in the pantry. Breakfast is another choice - I'm killer on making grits to go with scrambled eggs and toast.

From TheRealMiller:
1) What's your biggest regret?
Sending a personal email to "reply all".
2) When was the last time you knew for sure God was speaking to you?
Audible stuff usually comes in conversation with my wife, but don't let her know that. There was the time at the Lizard's Thicket parking lot (local home cookin') when she said, "How do you know God's not leading us to go into youth ministry at XYZ Church?" Clear as day, that was God. There was the time in a local Christian bookstore when God intervened through someone I didn't know to let me know He was still there and was pleased. Those aren't very recent. I think this past weekend, just sitting around after church, feeling the presence of the Lord in a deep inside kind of way - that was Him, saying same thing.
3) What is your fondest family memory?
Walking through the doors at the hospital to introduce our then-two-year-old son to his then-newborn sister.

From Jeremy:
1.) Can I borrow $500?
No, but I'll spot you the $5 you owe me for football.
2.) If i told you i was a pathelogical liar, would you believe me?
Yes. No. Wait. Yes. What?
3.) Will your answer to this question be no?
Hmmmm... pie.

From Craig:
1) What is your favorite (or most challenging) worship song and why?
Todd Agnew has Isaiah 6 to music on his new CD - gotta listen to it, "holy holy holy"
2) What do you presently see as your biggest parenting challenge and how are you addressing it?
Homework tonight. When my son had to write a poem for class, it included, "beat the heck out of this game". I don't mind vernacular sometimes, but let's clean that one up, bud.
3) How do you read books so fast and why do you review them on your blog? Doesn't that take the joy out of reading them?
I enjoy reading, and "reviewing" means that I can pass along what's good to those who stop by. It's a service to the reader, and I'm saving $$$ by getting review copies instead of buying them outright. It's more about the free books, to be honest. I'd like to hit a stride with three per month, but I'm right around one or so per right now.


Blogger Zube Girl said...

Thanks for answering. :-)

That is sweet about your wife. My most creative meal was ramen noodles and bac-o's when I was in college. It was nasty!

9/9/05 11:18 AM  

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