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10 Things I've Done You Probably Haven't

The idea here is to note things you've done that you think are pretty unique -- although, given what's happened in other blogs and journals where this game is being played, you'll be surprised at how many people end up saying "Hey, I've done that, too!" Put them up in your own blog and let the fun begin (you can also add your list in comments, or put a link back to any entry you write).

To get you started, here are ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

1. Been cut off by drivers on the freeway in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2. Worked as a DJ on afternoon drive-time on a Christian radio station
3. Clipped a tree with the rear bumper of a Mustang - my friend's dad's Mustang
4. Received an email from an author after posting a book review: "You really got it, thanks"
5. Made pottery from clay that had been dug up from the creekbottom
6. Gotten lost in the Bay Area - heading north out of Berkeley, thinking it was south
7. On that same trip, found the home of an online friend in Santa Cruz - met at her house for a midweek Bible study and went to her church that Sunday, 3000 miles from home
8. Cut off other drivers on the freeway in San Juan, PR
9. Watched as a friend tried to squirt me with kethcup from one of those little packets - only to have it backfire and blowup the sleeve of his buttondown oxford
10. Front row center at a late-80s Amy Grant concert

What are your ten things? Write them up on your own site and leave a comment here.

[plucked from "By The Way..." - thanks!]


Anonymous jeremy said...

Mine are up... send people.

7/9/05 12:01 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...


Here tis mine.

7/9/05 1:39 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

You always get the fun stuff.

by the way, figured out how to do the word thing. thanks

7/9/05 2:00 PM  
Blogger Nakia said...

I wasn't allowed to go, because I was too young, even though I really, really wanted to... but my parents were at an Amy Grant concert and I believe they had pretty darn good seats too. Maybe not front & center though...

7/9/05 4:55 PM  
Blogger JackieLou said...

I hope you enjoyed your Amy Grant concert more than I enjoyed mine....ha ha.

7/9/05 7:19 PM  
Blogger James said...

Hmmm...a few of these items seem uncomfortably familiar...

7/9/05 11:18 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

ouch - yeah. sorry about your dad's car, dude. that was 20 years ago. is he over it yet? is it paid off yet?

8/9/05 6:59 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

I just finished my list. Man, that took a long time to come up with 10 things!

9/9/05 1:04 AM  

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