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Life Happens

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd spent the night wrestling. I don't remember much of any dreams, but waking up was really like coming out of a deep fog - like coming up out of a pool, feeling like you'd been holding your breath too long, catching you breath and trying to focus without chlorine. My muscles were tight across my shoulders, and walking downstairs to let the dog out was a noisy experience, joints popping more than the stairs. But we got up, everyone got showered and dressed and fed and loaded with coffee - and we're at work or at school, looking for some sense of normalcy.

My wife is working today, too, but she's hurting for a friend who passed away. Her plan right now is to head to Greenville tonight for the visitation, and I'll be home to take care of the kids, keep our Tuesday evening plans with friends. She needs to to this, wants to do this, and I completely understand. Major tragedies alongside personal trials and tribulations - it's all wrong, all bad, all needing to be dealt with.


Blogger Kim said...

Will add you and your family to our prayers. Please extend my condolences to your wife.

6/9/05 7:17 PM  

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