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Good Times, Good Times

You can just hear them, each one laying there, "Freebird" playing in their headsets, chillin' to the vibe... I'd love to have a setup like this at work. A midafternoon siesta with headsets would be awesome. Meanwhile, we'll keep pumping the good stuff into their earpieces: "... as free as a bird now..."

[feature story @ Yahoo!]


Blogger Girl in Progress said...

Very interesting story and since they've been telling us mom to put headphones on our bellies for years..I'm surprised hospitals have waiting so long to try this. The picture is soo adorable but a little odd too..we're so high tech no these days.. just to see newborns with electronic type stuff on their heads is a bit odd. :o)

11/9/05 4:35 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

too true - i like the one chewing his finger - must be at a good spot in the arrangement!

11/9/05 6:36 PM  
Blogger MaryAnn M said...

ah...why cant we let them just be babies?

11/9/05 9:17 PM  
Anonymous PrayzHim said...

I showed this to my hubby. Favorite song - Free Bird. Favorite activity - playing with five grand babies under four.
Thinks it would make a great shirt!
Have a great day!

12/9/05 1:15 PM  

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