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Here We Go

We're starting 40 Days of Community today - "Better Together", going through the daily devotional and weekly videos and sermons together. It's the only way to go through something like this - there will be folks who think a little differently, see a little differently, and that's ok. Being together and having the conversation helps us "get" what God has for us to "get".

UPDATE: This morning went pretty well. The small group books weren't ready, so some folks had a little more difficult time finding someone to connect with in joining a group. Book sales were swift; I haven't heard a tally yet, but they were flying. I'm not a huge fan of the Purpose-Driven ideas, but I like this book, and I can see room for good conversation around things that matter. As a guide for connecting in a meaningful way, in a way that impacts around us, I think it actually works. I'm looking forward to the time together, to meeting new folks, and to hearing from all these new small groups about what's going on.


Anonymous PrayzHim said...

Happy Sunday! We began our 40 Days of Community today also. It brought on some quite interesting conversation. Our small group has been together quite a while, but I think this will take us to a different level than even we're used to. The only problem was that we thought we were watching Japanese t.v. The words didn't line up with his mouth! Great for a laugh!

25/9/05 7:30 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

lol - that's funny, and yeah, kinda discombobulating. i didn't get to see the morning sermon, but i'll catch it online later this week, and then starting our small group experience tomorrow or tuesday. woo hoo.

25/9/05 8:04 PM  

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