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Anonymous Kelly said...

Gah! I don't know why it made me anonymous, I had my other info typed in...anywho...that was me.

21/9/05 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Rats. I guess it didn't leave my comment after all. Here's what my original comment said:

AMEN! That's such a cool idea! And you have a bit of a southern accent, which is funny, because obviously when you're reading blogs, you don't pick up on those sorts of things.

And I, too, am so grateful for God's continuing faithfulness, despite me. =)

21/9/05 12:39 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

heh heh - thank for getting thru. i've got a slight accent, and if i'm speaking to groups more regularly it tends to go away. guess i need some more practice, huh? :)

God's faithful in spite of us not being so - that's a huge lesson, isn't it? thanks again for stopping by - when will i get to hear your "prayer" - hmm?

21/9/05 1:08 PM  

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