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Show of Hands

Okay, you've been reading for free and lurking in the shadows. Time to come out of the closet. Who's out there?
  • First name?
  • Location?
  • What time is it?
  • How'd you get here?

    Thank you for your continued support. We now return to our regularly scheduled drivel.


    Blogger James said...

    I am James from Seattle, Washington. It is just after 7 am and I need to be leaving for work. I stumped upon this blog while looking for an unblemished copper kettle autographed by Buddy Hackett.

    22/9/05 10:10 AM  
    Blogger Nile said...

    nile, virginia beach, va, 10:20am, bloglines...

    22/9/05 10:21 AM  
    Blogger Nakia said...

    Christan; Edmonton (Canada); 8:25am Mountain time; you commented on my blog once, so the real question is how did you get there?

    22/9/05 10:26 AM  
    Anonymous Donna said...

    you know me, but I just felt like chiming in.

    Donna, just up the road from Nile here, 11:16 a.m., bloglines. I found you via Vicki's blog.

    Enjoy your hurricane-free day :)

    22/9/05 11:18 AM  
    Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

    11:24 AM
    Marlton, NJ
    I can't remember the name of that piece of crap sight we met on.

    22/9/05 11:24 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    * buddy hackett and copper kettles - ah, those were the days
    * virginia beach - glad it's still there after last week's storms!
    * when did i go to your site? no clue, but often
    * donna - donna - donna - hmm, nope, no clue ;)
    * "piece of crap site"? you must have me confused, because i only frequent the highest quality sites... well, most of the time

    22/9/05 11:49 AM  
    Blogger Luis F. Batista said...

    Luis; Sao Paulo, Brazil;12:50; my favorites

    22/9/05 11:51 AM  
    Anonymous Jim said...

    Carthage, MO
    I got here via Donna's blog, saw your comments there and I'm nosy enough to click thru people's links to their blogs

    22/9/05 11:55 AM  
    Anonymous jeremy said...

    dallas, tx
    11.01 am
    either from blake or YS..

    everybody click my name and all your wildest dreams will come true

    22/9/05 12:02 PM  
    Blogger bjk said...

    Liberty MO
    11:28 AM
    Mary Ann's Musings I think but like Jim from Carthage I am pretty nosy......

    22/9/05 12:30 PM  
    Anonymous J. said...

    Jamie (thus, the "J.")

    Kentucky (I bleed BLUE, how 'bout you?)

    12:42 PM

    I've been out in the yard playing on this beautiful day with my youngest baby.

    I met you at the original Slice of Laodicea blog.


    22/9/05 12:46 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    * gotta love brazil!
    * donna's a sweetie - read here when shes not posting ;)
    * "show-me-state" should be nosy, right?
    * ah yes, the old slice blog - those were the days

    22/9/05 1:10 PM  
    Blogger Jeff Stilwell said...

    Cayce, SC
    Your Mom

    22/9/05 1:41 PM  
    Anonymous PrayzHim said...

    My name is Deb. Letts, Iowa Poulation 360 give or take. The time is 1:50 CST. I was actually looking for blogs about writing, saw Caffienated Christian, have been here daily ever since.
    It's clean, it's fun, it's real!

    22/9/05 2:57 PM  
    Anonymous ashley said...

    from mt. pleasant, sc but currently posting from clemson, sc (GO TIGERS!!!! sorry i noticed you were a gamecock fan and couldn't resist)
    you posted a comment on my blog so i started checking out yours; however, i had ran across it earlier from posts you had made on the some of the pastors blogs from seacoast

    22/9/05 4:21 PM  
    Blogger Mike said...

    Mike (of Lifethisway.com)
    Duluth, MN - just finishing up my last 10 min. at the office. :)
    It is 3:23pm CST.
    I got here today through my subscription to your feed on Bloglines... I can't remember where I might have originally found your site though. I just know that it is pretty much a daily stop for me... always an encouragement! :)

    22/9/05 4:28 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    * jeff - jeff - jeff - nope, doesn't ring a bell
    * thanks deb - i'll tell the cleaning staff you approve of their hard work :)
    * hi, ashley - actually we tend to pull for the tigers 10 out of 11 games
    * hey, mike - honest, the encouragement's been all mine here today

    22/9/05 6:48 PM  
    Blogger Thomas Albright said...

    I'm Thomas, and I'm a student at the Colorado School of Mines. It's 5:48. I just found your blog a couple of days ago. I've enjoyed it so far. :-)

    22/9/05 7:48 PM  
    Anonymous Kelly said...

    Santa Cruz, California
    I think you commented on my blog a long time ago...and we've been commenting ever since.

    Or something like that. =) Or maybe it was nosiness factor like a bunch of other people, since I do that a lot too, glad I'm not the only one copping to it. =)

    22/9/05 8:16 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Los Angeles, California
    9:08PM (while watching Apprentice)

    23/9/05 12:09 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Another Ashley
    Dallas area
    7:40 a.m.
    I've been reading for a while now. I stop in every few days or so. You make me think. I need that since I'm home all day with a homeschooled kindergartener and a busy 2 1/2 year old! :o)


    23/9/05 8:43 AM  
    Blogger dljordan said...

    Darrell from Cent. Ky. 9:20 a.m. and got here from Jim Walton's blog.

    23/9/05 9:25 AM  
    Blogger Bert said...

    Bert S.
    Darlington SC
    9:52 am
    It's been a long, strange trip through 1J13, Rambling and now caffeinated. Can you smell your fresh cup of holiday blend? Coming soon to a coffee cup near you!!!

    23/9/05 9:35 AM  
    Blogger Tally said...

    Chesapeake, VA (the city next to VA Beach)

    9:45 a.m.

    I'm pretty certain I heard about you through the other Sea Coast blogs.

    My social security number is 241-67-9087

    23/9/05 9:48 AM  
    Blogger Pete said...


    Tecumseh Michigan

    11:23am early start to lunch surfing.

    I am a member of the book club although I haven't been caught up since the first week of the first book.. Russ first introduced me to your site.

    23/9/05 11:27 AM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    wow - so many people with obvious way too much free time :) - really, thanks for the encouragement. i wasn't fishing, but wow. that's cool.

    23/9/05 12:34 PM  
    Blogger julieunplugged said...

    I read weekly or so. :) Enjoy it.


    (43, mom to five, business owner)

    27/9/05 8:19 AM  

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