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  • Thank God for all He's done, for all He is, for all He continues to show of Himself

    It's been a good day, a busy day, a full day, and I am overwhelmed tonight with how good God is. Beyond the storms and beyond the blessings, He is just so rich in His mercies and grace towards us. People forget in the day-to-day that it's all about Him, that He's in control in a way that brings freedom and life. Even in the pain of horrible tragedy, He mourns with us, comforts us, understands on levels deeper than we know. People forget, because we don't live in the grace or with attitudes of gratitude often enough. But it takes a full and busy and overwhelming Sunday to bring things like that to mind, doesn't it?

    I wish everyone could see God the way I see Him right now. More than conviction for my shortcomings, more than simple thanks for meeting my myriad needs - I sense His presence, very real and very full, all around me, in and through this day. There are folks who read my blog and appreciate that I don't ram religion down anyone's throat - if you knew Jesus the way I feel Him near right now, no one would have to shove anything, you know? I'd wish this for anyone, especially those overburdened, hurting, feeling pressure from within and from without. I want you to know: He loves you, He cares, He understands and He can take your questions - just be ready for His answers to change your life and probably lead to even more questions, ok?


    Blogger Maciej said...

    Beautiful post...thank you for the encouraging words. I think its so awesome to be in place where you can experience God in the way you describe. Its the only and best way to live! Praise the Lord! He will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be sure to come back to your blog, keep it up!

    4/9/05 11:18 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    thanks. i appreciate that.

    5/9/05 9:27 AM  

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