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Caffeinated Weaponry

  • CNN.com - Hot coffee thwarts carjacking

    Just another of the amazing benefits of good coffee.


    Anonymous Melene said...

    I saw that story on CNN.com and I almost sent you the link for it. I thought of you as soon as I read it though!

    Glad your team won today and glad MY team did TOO! UNC 7- UVA 5. No, that is not a baseball score.

    22/10/05 9:18 PM  
    Blogger Rick said...

    the story made me proud to be from south carolina. :)

    22/10/05 9:29 PM  
    Blogger Renee said...

    I saw this the other day and thought of you!lol

    24/10/05 10:45 AM  

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