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Photo Friday - Warmth

This is a wonderful time of year, getting ready for Thanksgiving and the hoopla leading to Christmas. I'm generally warm-natured, meaning that I'm finally comfortable when the temperatures reach into the 50s and 60s, mornings starting out in the 20s and 30s. I'll wear sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeves - sometimes shortsleeves and sweatervests to feel the chill against my skin. I'll drink more afternoon coffee, hot chocolate or hot tea, and most evenings I'll make sure there's a fire to warm up the house, having my own chair beside the hearth to feel the warmth on my toes on the footstool. I'll read in the evenings, or we'll play games in the floor with the kids. We'll watch movies on TV, snuggle under the throws on the couch, and enjoy being together.

Sure, that happens all year round, to a greater or lesser extent. But there's something that's just nice about the fall - everything else is changing color and dying for winter, and life becomes more alive somehow, too. Grateful for the many blessings handed down from the Lord; looking for just the right gift to express love and appreciation; the very real chill in the air and fresh warm smells, waking us up physically and spiritually even as the rest of the hemisphere gets ready for a nap.


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