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Weekend Update

Feeling ugh with some kind of cold and cough thingy, so I'm hanging out and surfing this morning. Here are a few of the articles and blogposts that I've found while waiting for the ballgames to start this afternoon:

  • TheState.com - Watson puts lessons into practice - really glad to see former Gamecock turning things around.
  • CNN.com - Cruise liner fends off pirate attack - that's so cool, and you just know this is coming soon to a theater near you
  • Pausing to Ponder - Dead Blog Walking - Donna's blog is riding off into the sunset :(
  • Next-Wave - When God Won't Dance - impact of a sermon on Luke 7
  • Slashdot.com - Yahoo Map Engineers Prank Google - those funny funny geeks and nerds just need an outlet... don't they? don't we?
  • PunkMonkey - what are we not doing? - just asking the questions, rethinking and living out the answers and the ensuing conversation
  • Blogcritics.org - Review - posted my earlier review of 's new book, causing a bit more conversation there than here
  • Slate.com - The Word We Love To Hate. Literally. - okay, now for the literary geeks, finally something of substance, literally
  • Autoblog.com - Dodge Ram MegaCab rolls at SEMA - now that's a pickup

    And these pieces on the message and death of :
  • Vintage Faith - Kyle Lake's Last Sermon - after hearing about this young pastor's death last weekend, we found that he'd also submitted an article to the latest Relevant Magazine on prayer; what will my "last stuff" say about my life?
  • RelevantMag - Trusting God for the Wrong Things - viewing life and what's next after Kyle Lake's death


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