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A Short History of My Caffeination

I was asked this morning in a comment: "BTW- What coffee do you use during the week? Give me a coffee review!" Hmmm, now that's a writing prompt.

A little backstory first: I've tried to think back to when I first started really drinking coffee. My guess is high school, when a few of us would hangout for old movie nights (Hitchcock, mostly - good times, good times) at our Sunday School teacher's house a couple of Fridays a month. He made coffee - and I got my first opinion about decaf being a total waste of water. Back then, a little cream and two Sweet-N-Lows would do the trick. The only flavors I ever had back them was the International Food Instant Coffee mixes - what was I thinking?!?

Wow, that was twenty years ago. I didn't really change drinking habits until the late-nineties, probably - and I was never the type of person who had to have his two-cups-every-morning. I could drink it whenever, hot or cold, as long as it didn't taste burnt. Then I discovered coffeeshops - probably the cafe' at Barnes & Noble first, then real Starbucks in the airports when I started business travelling, and a little Christian coffeeshop across from one of the high schools that made a wonderful peanut-caramel-mocha-latte-something - Vicki and I would stop there after seeing a movie on our "date nights" and get coffee and a dessert before relieving the babysitter. We bought a coffeepot with the espresso maker built in, and a grinder to start doing whole beans - I'm pinpointing this around 1996/97. Friends started sending us Starbucks beans for Christmas, and that's when I discovered that the special blends - not just $tarbuck$, but other companies, too - and the whole beans tended to have a better taste, and grinding them made a difference in the brew. I experimented a little, even adding caramel and whip cream at home, until I no longer needed to add sweetener. I noticed the flavor of the coffee for the first time - fruity or nutty, and found out that I really don't like mocha blends that much.

to be continued - tomorrow, MAKING OUR MORNING COFFEE


Blogger Renee said...

WOOHOO....A Coffee post! I need brands to try and what flavors. I wanna switch it up a bit here at home!:-)

Of course i am the only one drinking coffee at home. Hubby hates it! WEIRDO!

27/6/05 1:29 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Of course the mother of all coffee is Konah blend. Uber-expensive, but some of the best (if not the best you'll ever have). The type of coffee you have once or twice a year.
2 things you need
1)a french press. Takes a little more time, but the coffee tastes better.
2)an espresso machine. It just tastes better when you do it yourself.
(and as a necessity if you get an espresso machine -- WHOLE MILK. Any person who puts skim in a latte or cappuccino should be ashamed of themselves.)

27/6/05 3:29 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Of course you realize, my fellow cafiene hound that I must write the post on proper coffee. And you also realize that since you seem to be the only other non-intellectual on "slicese" that I must add you to my blog list. The gauntlet has been dropped.

27/6/05 3:41 PM  
Blogger jen said...

only a true addict blogs about their coffee habits...

27/6/05 10:45 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Even worse I am planning on doing a series on the subject.

28/6/05 8:21 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

so now we're looking at people's blogs to see what they're addicted to? hmm....

28/6/05 8:44 AM  

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