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A/C, Books, GLC Hatchbacks

It's hot down here in the sunny south, but I think it's mainly because we've been pampered with relatively mild summers the past few years. It rarely got above 90F last year, much less close to 100F, so I'll stop complaining.

Besides, thinking back to those wonder years of growing up, all I can remember is how hot it was in my Mazda GLC. Little four-door-hatchback, with black vinyl seats and 4/55 air-conditioning (roll down the four windows and hit the interstate at 55mph to cool off). We took that car with its great mileage on a trip to Texas one summer - ten hours a day, stops along the Gulf Coast, in the middle of summer. Did I say there was no a/c? And we survived the heat, along with the pestering going on in the backseat between my brother and I, and the constant country twang coming from the radio.

No DVD player, no Walkman or iPod, no Gameboy - well, we might've had a couple of those handheld Radio Shack football games or something. And books, because I used to read alot and could knock out a whole novel on those trips. I read Shogun by James Clavell on one trip, either to Texas or a weekend to Convington, GA - about 1200+ pages, more than my Bible, and I thought I was something else (yeah, a book geek). Those were the days. The sweaty, nasty, sticky, kick-your-brother-back-to-his-side-of-the-backseat days.

Speaking of which: would someone go on out and start my car, turn on the A/C before I have to leave the building? It's 99F, and ninety minutes might be enough to cool it off a touch before my evening commute. Thanks.


Blogger iggy said...

I often think of how we did it back in the old days....

We had a cool emerald green Monte Carlo.... black interior and no A/C. If grandma came along I was sent to the backseat.

We would go on history and dinosaur vacations, mostly a lot of driving from Montana to South Dakota.

Somehow it did not seem as miserable as it does now... It was hot, sticky, and if I rode around with my brother in the backseat, I would wake up with sunflower seeds stuck to my sweaty face.... Still can't eat those because of that.

It has been hot here in Montana....
Over the last few days we have gone over the 100's, though now it has cooled a bit.

For some reason though that was some of the best times as a family.


27/7/05 6:47 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

not complaining here - though i'm not reminiscing so much that i'll leave the a/c off when we drive to mcdonalds or anything :)

27/7/05 11:43 PM  
Blogger Humor Girl said...

Yep...it's been hot here, too. Not fun.

28/7/05 12:17 AM  

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