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Learning Day

I'll be in Mt. Pleasant today, spending time at Seacoast Central to learn what's going on, how to promote the upcoming series recruit and retain volunteers at church. It's already muggy outside, but I'm hoping the breeze off the water will cool things down there. I'll also try to take some snapshots of the new bridge in Charleston, see what all the fuss is about.

UPDATE: Donna's right - no sea breeze cooling anything off down here! But the time is well-spent, and it's good to get away and get motivated to do what you do better. More later.


Blogger WoundedHealer said...

Hey Rick,

We're almost neighbors. I thought that as I read the blog I saw familiar stuff...heat, sweat, Stone Mountain, more heat, SC...

I live in Aiken and work in N. Charleston. Have good friends at Seacoast - Sam Lesky is one - stop by, we'll have some caffeine, uh, I mean coffee, together.

26/7/05 6:38 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

I'm hoping the breeze off the water will cool things down there.

AhhhhhHahahahahaha! You crack me up. Wishful thinking! Just kidding -- This heat has me gone mad. Hope you gain alot out of your visit.

26/7/05 9:22 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

So sorry I was right! lol. It's still good to get away; I look forward to hearing about it.

26/7/05 1:41 PM  

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