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Today's a day for us to reflect on who we are in Christ, what we're about as Christians, how we're to live as life has been dealt. This morning's sermon on the sixth commandment, "Don't kill", dealt with anger as well as murder, using Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount on how speaking down to others is just as bad. When anger rips through our relationships, it's murderous - that's weighing on me this afternoon. We're going to see some friends tonight, folks from our old church who've stayed in touch. Much that happened was hurtful and painful on my part, and having the sermon bring a reminder this morning was kinda nuts.

UPDATE: We had a wonderful time Sunday evening, playing with all the kids in the pool and generally enjoying being with friends. We've lost touch over the past year; not having the connection of seeing someone each week at church, you just don't hold onto the relationship in the same way. But these folks are good friends, and life moves forward, doesn't it?


Blogger Tana_Schott said...

Ahh, I can feel your pangs. I just wrote a post about my hurtful words/attitude. God must be working on a theme this week. LOL - just kidding. God turns our worlds upside down. It's sweet and bitter, exhilarating and frightening, exciting and scarry all at the same time. I find that right now, I'm just apologizing a lot. =)

24/7/05 4:32 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks, tana. yeah, lots of praying and mending going on out there, huh?

24/7/05 4:36 PM  

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